Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness (ft. MGMT and Ratatat)

Crush A Bit; Little Bit; Roll It Up; Take A Hit
Feelin’ Lit Feelin’ Like 2 Am Summer Night
I Don’t Care; Hand On The Wheel; Drivin Drunk; I’m Doin’ My Thing
Rollin The Midwest Side And Out Livin’ My Life Getting’ Out Dreams
People Told Me Slow My Road I’m Screaming Out Fuck Thaat
Imma Do Just What I Want Lookin’ Ahead No Turnin’ Back
If I Fall If I Die Know I Lived It To The Fullest
If I Fall If I Die Know I Lived And Missed Some Bullets
I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness And I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; I’ll Be Good

Verse 2:
Tell Me What You Know About Dreamin’ Dreamin’
You Don’t Really Know About Nothin’ Nothin’
Tell Me What You Know About Them Night Terrors Every Night
5 Am Cold Sweats Wakin’ Up To The Skies
Tell Me What You Know About Dreams; Dreams
Tell Me What You Know About Night Terrors; Nothin’
You Don’t Really Care About The Trials Of Tomorrow
Rather Lay Awake In A Path Full Of Sorrow

Enjoy it

The Aluminum Chair by Emeco

Parece imposible que seamos la misma especie.
En algún momento tuvo que haber un salto evolutivo que la mujer dió, y que el hombre ni vió venir (seguramente, para entonces, ya se había perdido alguno más).