farting around

farting around.
Everybody knows how tricky it´s doing it in a public space. Some people say their farts don´t smell, but it´s not TRUE!
Today I´ve been lucky.
I was leaving the office, waiting for the elevator, and just before it´s come, I´ve started to fart gently, and I´ve kept on doing it already inside the lift.
Well, the door has started to close but much slower than it usually does. Then, through the glass door opposite the elevator, I was watching the prettiest girl that I´ve ever seen, and I really was enjoying it for a while, but suddenly I´ve realised that she was coming to take it too.
It wasn´t smelly yet, but I knew I would (It always is).
So I´ve started to press insistently to help the slow door shut. I know she was smiling at me becouse she thought I was pressing the button to wait for her, so she has started to walk faster, maybe she even wanted to talk to me.
Her face has changed when she has seen the door closing (she hadn´t realised before because of the exasperating speed of the door), and just one meter between us, the door has finally shut! She could believe it.

I´ve told you I´d been lucky.

(of course it was smelly)

have fun

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stonero dijo...

Muy bueno, tanto que no he podido resistirme y he dejado a un lado la nueva composicion en la que estaba inmerso para dar vida musical a este fantastico relato.

Estoy intentando respetar al maximo el texto original, revisa por si hay algun error, porque lo voy a calzar casi tal cual...

Ahm, ya toy pensando en el video...